Thursday, August 26, 2021

Should the number of guests dictate how much your photographer charges?

When I speak with a couple, in most cases they tell me, "We only have 70 guests" or "We're inviting 170 people."

But deos that really make a difference in terms of photography? Look at it like this:
If you want multiple angles of your ceremony or have multiple things going on simultaneously, like the bride and groom getting ready at the exact same time, then get multiple photographers. If you have many guests and want someone taking posed photos with the bride and groom, and someone taking candids or catering to guests, get multiple photographers. But what about aside from that?

Whthere you have 70 guests, 170 guests, or 700 guests, the difference is negligible for your photographer's goal: capturing you and your special day.

For traditionalists, as I call the normal bride and groom, they want photos together, and photos with immediate friends and family. If you have a 75 person wedding, you're likely only inviting close friends and family so time can be made to take photos with most, whether that's following a ceremony or during the reception. If you're inviting 175 people, you're inviting more distant family and friends. You're still taking photos together as a couple, and you're still making time for immediate friends and family. The difference is not immense.
But what about a 700 person wedding? Think of it like a show, where you're taking the same photos as before, but with an audience. You will likely not even greet every guest let alone take a picture with each. But if you do HAVE TO take photos with all, we usually break it down into tables so you're taking one photo per table of 10-12, which still speeds things up a bit.

So the numebr of guests doesn't really make a difference for how much your photographer charges- less guests doesn't mean he/she will work less and be able to cut his/her fees by 30%.

Think differently? Have questions? Write them below!

A real photographer and cinematographer, Arash

Saturday, August 21, 2021

A Sandy Time- Desert Engagement Session in Southern California

This has been on my bucket list for a while, and I finally had a bold, adventurous couple who wanted to expereince their shoot in the desert.
We went earlier this summer to a distant sand dune location hours from San Diego, and the temperatures wasn't 120+ yet- it was only 100 degrees.
Around noon, we started the shoot and there was literally not a single person there. No people, no cars, no planes, no animals. I thought maybe I'd see a snake or scorpion like the movies, but nothing. It was definitely a slower process making it to the ideal locations, getting scared that our jeep would get stuck in the sand, and even if it didn't, if we would fall off the top of a dune to our doom.
Overall it went extremely smoothly, made a short film out of it, and the couple were ecstatic about getting unique photos and a film to celebrate their love.

Looking for a unique engagement expereince? Let's talk! Until next time, Arsah

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Sunset Cliffs and Friendship Garden Engagement- San Diego Wedding Photographer

Many special places in San Diego have been closed since Covid started.
Luckily, they're opening back up and this past week we were able to shoot at one of our favorite secret locations! I say "secret" just because so many San Diegans are unaware this place exists. But the secret garden within Balboa Park is an extremely special place filled with some of the most gorgeous natural backdrops!
Our couple let us take control and we started at their wedding venue, La Valencia in La Jolla, and then went to Balboa Park, before finishing at Sunset Cliffs!
Aren't these scenes just beautiful?
We're still editing up their engagement film, but that will be finished by next week, so stay tuned for that!

Have any questions? Write a comment or feel free to email me directly!

Thanks, Arash

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Arman and Elina- Crossings, Carlsbad

Here's one of weddings at The Crossings in Carlsbad, San Diego.

Arman and Elina were a sweet couple who actually spoke lovely vows for each out. We have the highlight video below, but the full film is also online, and I can send that to you if you're interested.

The wedding planner, Asal Komail, helped make sure everything ran smoothly. Marjan and Shahrzad were in charge of all floral decor and created the beautiful arch along with the reception details. DJ Mohsen made sure the crowd was dancing the entire time.

This was one of the few Persian weddings that was without a sofreh aghd, which is what the couple wanted. They had their loving friends around them the whole time, and I can't remember a time they weren't dancing and just having a wonderful time.

Want to see the full film or the full photo gallery? Just send me an email!


Arash Tebbi

Thursday, January 30, 2020

11 Years of Story-Telling with Rugger Productions!

We've just celebrated 11 years of filming weddings!

In the video below, you'll see a quick recap of some of our favorite weddings- there are still a large amount not featured for various reasons.

We've had the privilege of shooting all over San Diego and Orange County, some places in LA, and even in Chicago and New York! We definitely have some favorites, but the reason why is because how we were able to connect with the couple and become life-long friends.

We look forward to our next weddings and how we're going to grow from here.

Have a question about wedding cinematography? Know the difference between videography? No stupid questions- ask below or shoot me an email!


Rugger Insta

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Nelo & Ali- An Afghan Wedding- Marriott Mission Valley, San Diego- Rugger Team of 5

Nelo and Ali's wedding was one of our last ones of 2019.

Rugger Productions

Psychologically, when we know this will be our last wedding we're doing both photo and video for, we like to go out with a bang.

Throughout the day and night, I had a total of 3 cinematographers, both to capture the event, get b-roll, and to make sure we capture epicness. It was the first time working with my new assistant, and he also over-delivered with his expertise and lighting suggestions. This is why it's so important your photo and video team are from the same company: they work with each other instead of competing with another for the shots.

What helps us, as the capturers of the day, is when the couple are warm, hospitable, and positive people. I know that sounds basic, but if the bride is yelling at her mom from the beginning of the morning, or the groom is dry with us for whatever reason, it impacts the "mood," just a little bit. We're professionals- we'll get through it and make greatness happen. But that extra level of magic comes with a warm, genuine couple. And Nelo and Ali were the kind of people I wanted to make plans with to hang out after the wedding (don't worry, I didn't do that).

Rugger Productions

I edited and delivered 1443 photos the following week, and the following week they had their 2 hour raw edit, 20 minute films, 5 minute highlight trailer, which can be viewed below.

Do you have any questions in regards to this wedding? Feel free to write your comments below or email me directly!


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Maternity from Rugger- our new experience!

Hello friends!

We're excited to announce the newest branch of the Rugger tree, Maternity from Rugger.

Yes, we've always offered maternity photography, but we've come up with a new experience that involves high-end maternity, including an in-home studio option, one of our premium outdoor locations, a maternity film, and the option to include your newborn shoot, all part of the package!

Our instagram page (@MaternityfromRugger) will host daily inspirational photos and photos from our latest shoots from Southern California, including Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego, La Jolla, Balboa Park, and even one we did last year in Maui, Hawaii! We are definitely willing to travel!

A few questions we usually get are:

1) When should we do a maternity shoot?
We recommend when you're showing, or around the 30-35 week mark. We've had two instances where our model gave birth the very next day following the shoot! So don't wait too long where it will be difficult to walk around. Most locations that are outdoors require some walking.

2) What should I wear?
There's the option of going with something more flowy, tighter outfits, and there is the maternity boudoir option when we do the in-home option. What makes you feel comfortable? You could also opt for an outfit change. And with our more advanced packages, we actually supply your gown!

3) Do I have to do it with my significant other or can I come solo?
You can absolutely come on your own! This is about you, and it's what you want to do. There are no rules- just whatever you're content with. If you do need us to help convincing your partner to participate, we'd be happy to send an email out giving our top reasons on why a maternity shoot is a special and memorable experience.

4) What if we have kids or pets we want to shoot with?
Bring them! What makes your family complete will make your photos complete. We obviously do various combinations, and we can include your children and pets!

Still have questions? Comment below or email us!

Arash Tebbi
Owner- Rugger Productions