Sunday, September 1, 2019

Maternity from Rugger- our new experience!

Hello friends!

We're excited to announce the newest branch of the Rugger tree, Maternity from Rugger.

Yes, we've always offered maternity photography, but we've come up with a new experience that involves high-end maternity, including an in-home studio option, one of our premium outdoor locations, a maternity film, and the option to include your newborn shoot, all part of the package!

Our instagram page (@MaternityfromRugger) will host daily inspirational photos and photos from our latest shoots from Southern California, including Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego, La Jolla, Balboa Park, and even one we did last year in Maui, Hawaii! We are definitely willing to travel!

A few questions we usually get are:

1) When should we do a maternity shoot?
We recommend when you're showing, or around the 30-35 week mark. We've had two instances where our model gave birth the very next day following the shoot! So don't wait too long where it will be difficult to walk around. Most locations that are outdoors require some walking.

2) What should I wear?
There's the option of going with something more flowy, tighter outfits, and there is the maternity boudoir option when we do the in-home option. What makes you feel comfortable? You could also opt for an outfit change. And with our more advanced packages, we actually supply your gown!

3) Do I have to do it with my significant other or can I come solo?
You can absolutely come on your own! This is about you, and it's what you want to do. There are no rules- just whatever you're content with. If you do need us to help convincing your partner to participate, we'd be happy to send an email out giving our top reasons on why a maternity shoot is a special and memorable experience.

4) What if we have kids or pets we want to shoot with?
Bring them! What makes your family complete will make your photos complete. We obviously do various combinations, and we can include your children and pets!

Still have questions? Comment below or email us!

Arash Tebbi
Owner- Rugger Productions

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Conquering Wedding Planning- How to Save Money and Not Get F*@ked by Your Wedding Vendors

You’re ready to plan your wedding. You’re ready to not get screwed over. So where do you start? Right here!

Our guide brings you a detailed approach to the various parts of a wedding:
choosing the right venue, whether you need a planner or coordinator, DJ and band selection, caterer and bar, florists, photographer, cinematographer, officiant, and the extra things you may need to consider like if you’re planning a cultural wedding.

We give you a list of our trusted vendors, what to look for with vendors who are trying to scam you, and various ways to save thousands on your wedding, meaning the guide will pay for itself over many times!

Here's an example- let’s say you want to treat your guests to some fine drinks at the bar. Well, the venue will most likely give you a tier order for the budget, medium, and high end options of liquor. For example, you’ll be paying $8, $14, or $20 per guest for unlimited drinks with respect to that tier. But realistically, will all of your guests be drinking? Do you have elderly or children attending? Are a good amount of guests the type who would abstain from drinking? Then what’s the point of paying for them? What we recommend is doing a "limit" option, which venues will also approve. So instead of paying per person, you can set a limit of $3000, and when the limit is reached, you can raise it or decide to go to a cash bar. If you have 200 guests, and you went with the high end option, you’d spend $4000. While doing a limit, you would likely hit around the $3000 mark with a moderately drinking crowd.

We're offering the ebook for free to those who book their wedding packages through us! And if you'd like to just have the ebook, purchase it below!

If you're getting married in the near future, hope you save where you can, and hope you don't get screwed over!

Have any questions about your wedding or planning? Comment below!

Arash Tebbi
Owner, Photographer, and Cinematographer

Thursday, January 31, 2019

When I Realized My Job is Important

When I realized my job was important

A few years back I saw one of those memes (viral photos with a message), and it said that there was a day when it was the last time you played outside as kids. I laughed to myself for a second and then thought about it again, and it resonated with me deeply. There literally was a final day when I played outside with all the neighborhood kids. I spent a majority of my free time from age 6 to 15 playing outside, whether it was sports, biking, or exploring. Back in my days, there wasn’t the monopoly of the internet and video games to confine us to our household prisons. We actually enjoyed doing competitive activities, and there was a joy to that which cannot be replicated.

Back to the meme- I tried to remember when may have been the last time we all had a final football game or rode our bikes over a mound of dirt, dangerously avoiding a crash that would again split my knees open, and I couldn’t think of the that very last day. I’m not even sure why there was a final day- maybe school took over, or I began driving and playing outside was no longer cool, or girls, or who knows. But I began thinking how much I would have treasured having photos or videos of the final day. It would have been priceless. I wish our parents were in touch enough to have grouped funds together and paid a few thousand dollars to record a few hours of us running down, shoving one another, running past with the confidence that we had in those moments. Those would have been so much more satisfying to look at instead of the posed photos we took each year with our sporting teams. It would have been ridiculous back then if my parents had offered to pay even a few hundred dollars, but I would have cherished those photos and videos so much more now. They would have been incorporated into my priceless possessions.

This got me thinking to what I’m doing for others today, photographing and filming their special occasions with their loved ones, and I realized there are at least a dozen cases, which I can think of off the top of my head, where I have photographed or filmed the very last photos or video footage of a loved one. We’re all aware people pass, especially those of an older age. But we often don’t think it would be a sitting candid captured by a photographer at a wedding, or a cinematographer films their final dance at a bar mitzvah, or even just a final photo of a stroll back up to a car after a family shoot at the beach. But I'm responsible for creating those final preservations.

I’m intentionally not posting any photos in this post because I don’t want to remind anyone of a loss in case they’re reading this. My goal was a self-acknowledgement that what I do, and we as photographers and cinematographers do, is extremely important. As humans we thrive on love, and we cherish memories of moments, and those moments can be captured through photos and video, and they often initiate different emotions. What I try to do whenever possible is to capture my time with loved ones, and just overload with photos and video. And the ones that I actually do cherish more than others, I plan to print and just leave around my home, as constant reminders of memories with people that I love.

Your memory preserver,
Arash Tebbi

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Beautiful Landscape- Bella Collina Wedding

Yes, yes, I know, I haven't updated the blog in a while- but so much has been going on!

We're coming back from our hiatus strong. We've had a rather rainy fall-winter season in Southern California these past few years, and 2018 hasn't been different. After another stormy Friday, we awoke on a Saturday morning to rain again in San Diego. As we loaded up our gear and headed to Bella Collina in San Clemente, the weather magically cleared and we were welcomed to sunshine and a beautiful background, which allowed for drone shots and formals.

Details by Haleh covered the make up, sofreh, and wedding planning/day of coordination. She helped make the day move smoothly and allowed us to get our shots.

The bridal party was also energetic and animated and helped execute the fun shots flawlessly.

Here's is their trailer from the day, with entertainment provided by DJ Taraneh.

Niku and Colin's Wedding Trailer - Bella Collina- San Clemente from Rugger Productions on Vimeo.

We're always pleased to do weddings in the Orange County area and look forward to the next one! Here are also a couple from this couple's engagement shoot with us in La Jolla!

If you have any questions regarding this wedding, like how many photos we delivered, what the full video looks like, or anything else, feel free to email us:


Arash Tebbi

Monday, January 8, 2018

Maderas Golf Course Wedding- One of San Diego's best wedding venues

There's lots of amazing golf courses in San Diego. I even got married at one.

But our recent wedding at the Maderas Golf Resort made us fall in love with the entire venue and staff. Obviously we're a bit biased because we evaluate a venue based on the lighting and options for photography and filming. With Maderas, we had a beautiful bridge. Even though we had to get some shots midday, we were equipped for high speed sync so it just added to the mood. The wedding was a "fusion wedding," with the bride being Armenian and the groom being Persian. It was a great mixture as it brought certain traditions and customs from both to combine into one joyous celebration.

Just like any golf course, we had to work around the golfers, but there were enough places around to keep moving until another one opened up. We were also shooting at the last weekend of the year, which is one of their busiest days.

They have a huge ballroom and a wonderful outside area for the ceremony and cocktail hour. If you're thinking of a place to get married, definitely give this venue a chance!

Watch our wedding film shot completely at the Maderas Golf Club

Christina and Kia's Wedding- Madera's Golf Course from Rugger Productions on Vimeo.

And here's a review from our bride in case you wanted to see it from the client's perspective.

If you have any questions regarding wedding photography or cinematography, send us an email and I will get back to you personally!

Arash Tebbi- Owner

Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Wedding deals more crazy than bit coin madness- what Rugger is offering new for the year!

Happy New Year!

If you're reading this, you survived the crazy year of 2017. And if you were one of the lucky one to get engaged, or you're about to get engaged, or have a bestie who is having a wedding this year, make sure to have them check out what Rugger is offering!

Here's a short 1 minute commercial briefly touching upon the 5 main points, and we'll go over in more detail below.

San Diego Wedding Photography & Film- The best incentives in existence from Rugger Productions on Vimeo.

So what's all that mean? Are we really giving a 4K 65 inch LG Oled TV away? Have we gone nuts?
We haven't- and yes, our top cinematography package consists of 8K filming and 4K delivery, and what's the point of having the best quality video if you don't watch it on 2017 best reviewed 4K TV? Well, we're going to make sure we have you covered in that area.

We're also creating unique, 1 minute romantic black and white films with our upper tier packages, whether you go with a photo or video package. These are custom made, shot in 4K films graded in black and white by one of her expert colorists.

Our Elite Membership- you can purchase at any time during any photoshoot, and it includes 1 year of printed photos, in ANY size, delivered to you monthly, and 2 photoshoots for any occasion- birthday, anniversary, boudoir, party, or commercial. If you book this with your wedding package, you get 50% off. But imagine, getting a photo of your choosing delivered to you each month!

And how about an engagement with every shoot, photo or video? Why not? It gives you practice for the big day, and you'll have some photos/video prior to your big day!

Last but not least, it wasn't a typo- photos edits and delivered within 7 business day! Films delivered within 14 business days! Why do you have to wait? We have a dedicated preparer that prepares the raw files the night of the wedding so that I can begin editing the morning after.

What else is there that we didn't mention?

We also have the only 100 page photo book for our highest photography package option. Yes- 100 pages!
We retouch a select number of your images and also offer the black and white versions complimentary.
We have exclusive locations in San Diego available for engagements, pre-wedding, and trash the dress shoots.

If you're interested in the locations of the weddings in the commercial above, here's a list:
Downtown, San Diego
Downtown, Chicago
La Jolla Shores
Fazelli Cellars
Maderas Golf Resort
St. Regis Monarch

Have any questions? Send us an email, and I will personally answer it within a day.

Arash Tebbi- owner

Friday, August 18, 2017

Wedding Cinematography San Diego- now with 4K 10 bit and 12 bit raw, but what does that mean?

Earlier this year, we got a badass camera that shoots slow motion 4K and 10 bit, which yields some amazing results.

Here's a short clip from Cape Rey in Carlsbad:

Here's another teaser from a two location which started at La Valenica in La Jolla, and ended at the Grand Hyatt in downtown, San Diego.

And another two parter where the bride got ready at the presidential suite in the US Grant and had the ceremony and reception at Coasterra.

Now the gorgeous quality was shot in 4K and uploaded in regular HD. To see 4K samples, we'd be happy to show you it in person on a 4K monitor. But aside from capturing this in full 4K quality, the quality could be even better and more "cinematic". How? Well, we could shoot it in raw. That's always been an option, but typically out of the budget for most couples, as shooting on multiple REDS or Arris in raw would put the costs over $15,000, with multiple shooters and the 3 films we deliver on average. But now there's another solution:

Our recently acquired Canon C200!

We'll now be able to shoot in 4K slow motion in raw, and at a more reasonable rate for our wedding couples. The GH5 still offers 10bit Vlog for 4K, and coupled with the C200, we have endless opportunities to shoot the highest quality video for our clients. This allows us to color grade with the most flexibility and deliver with the least loss of degradation.

Want to talk more about the various options for capturing your wedding? Shoot us an email or call us!

Arash Tebbi

We're also offering a new option for filming 360 virtual reality with live streaming- on top of that, our new 360 camera shoots in 8K so that it displays in pristine 4K!!! To find out more about adding 360 degree filming to your wedding!