Monday, January 8, 2018

Maderas Golf Course Wedding- One of San Diego's best wedding venues

There's lots of amazing golf courses in San Diego. I even got married at one.

But our recent wedding at the Maderas Golf Resort made us fall in love with the entire venue and staff. Obviously we're a bit biased because we evaluate a venue based on the lighting and options for photography and filming. With Maderas, we had a beautiful bridge. Even though we had to get some shots midday, we were equipped for high speed sync so it just added to the mood. The wedding was a "fusion wedding," with the bride being Armenian and the groom being Persian. It was a great mixture as it brought certain traditions and customs from both to combine into one joyous celebration.

Just like any golf course, we had to work around the golfers, but there were enough places around to keep moving until another one opened up. We were also shooting at the last weekend of the year, which is one of their busiest days.

They have a huge ballroom and a wonderful outside area for the ceremony and cocktail hour. If you're thinking of a place to get married, definitely give this venue a chance!

Watch our wedding film shot completely at the Maderas Golf Club

Christina and Kia's Wedding- Madera's Golf Course from Rugger Productions on Vimeo.

And here's a review from our bride in case you wanted to see it from the client's perspective.

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Arash Tebbi- Owner