Friday, May 20, 2016

Why You're Trying to Murder Your Business If You Do Not Advertise

"Only businesses that are hurting need to advertise"

"We don't have a $5000 budget, so we cannot afford a commercial."

"We had yelp send one of their goons to film a video for us for $150 and it sucked more than Trump doing the Macarena shirtless."
That's because.. wait what?

You do need commercials. Video commercials help your audience, both who know what they're looking for and potential customers who unaware they need your product/service, see firsthand what you're about. People have been more open to visual stimulation and continue to react more to certain videos than merely seeing photos or hearing a radio ad (although photos are important in their own way).

Statistics have proven what type of videos tend to go viral and connect a viewer with the message of the advertiser. There are infinite possibilities of portraying a message, and it is somewhat dependent on a budget, although it also heavily relies on creativity. To play it safe, most first timers want to go a formal route and come off as "clean and professional."

This one for The Hydration Room in Newport Beach was informative and "safe," but we tried to at least make it interesting through cinematography.

This one was a bit more fun, filmed in downtown San Diego for a temporary tattoo company, Dream Tats.

Real Estate, at least to us, can yield immense profits for the realtor(s) so putting more in should directly yield more sales and larger profit margins. But instead of doing a typical walkthrough for a house that's for sale, we thought an introduction to the team and then a testimonial video would be beneficial, especially in the long-term. Here are 2 videos for Bluxen Inc. and with the first one, we did a special ad campaign so we could guarantee a certain amount of views within 30 days (5000 for them).

Here is an emotional one for D Angelo Couture Bridal, where the owner, Diane D'Angelo expressed in her own words why she's in the profession that she's in.

Photos are the "first impression" that your audience may see if they stumble upon your website or other social media site, which is why your headshots or product shots should be top notch.

Below are a few for Fresco's restaurant in conjunction with an avocado oil that's just been released.

With new technology, we're also trying to use the latest means for promoting. Dunkin Donuts in Orange County wanted to utilize the new 360 videos, so created a short walkthrough in 306 (need to watch it on your smartphone).

Another creative method was using drones to show the viewer exactly where Back Alley Grill is located, since many customers had abandoned it due to not being able to locate it.

Again, your appearance to your audience comes as a "package," involving a combination of photos and videos. We don't dismiss photos, as group and headshots are important like we mentioned, like these for various financial firms and realtors.

And here is one shot on one of San Diego/ La Jolla's beautiful cliffs. Can you tell what they're selling?

The importance of videos doesn't stop there, however. With your commercial on youtube, and google's partnership, your SEO performance will take a huge boost by not only having a commercial out, but by releasing variations, and continuously releasing material if your budget allows.

Our business used to come solely from word of mouth, and now we hit every category from weddings to portraits to event filming to smaller things like prom and graduation photos. There are other tricks you can do with your video to increase your reach to the audience you want to reach, versus just blindly targeting a 100,000 person community. We know how to create stories and capture the viewer.

Here's one comedic one we shot for our wedding clients, and a hugely successful one for those seeking aerial drone photos and footage.

If you're ready to commit to your first commercial and ad campaign and you're in San Diego or southern California, or if you're ready to take it seriously with a new route, sit down with us and let's discuss how to achieve the next level. Whatever your obstacle may be, we'll either be able to help or guide you in the right direction. And if you're not advertising in some way, then you're trying to murder your business. Don't murder your business.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Extravagant Persian Wedding- Omni La Costa Resort

Hello All!

Our last wedding of last year was a special one for various reasons. Filmed at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in San Diego, it was an extravagant Persian wedding with lots of special features, like music composed by the bride's brother. We also had the famous DJ Mohsen and DJ Julius working side-by-side for the reception.

We were the trusted team there to film everything for Lilly and David's special day, and we consisted of a 3 man crew. Our third person was required to get aerial shots (using our drone, Mallory), and to create a time-lapse video of the sofreh, designed and set up entirely by the bride's mom and aunt.

What made it special for us was how much Lilly was involved in the shots she wanted, and that allowed us to make sure we get what she wanted for her films.

Side Note if you're not familiar: For all of our packages we provide 3 films: a long raw edit, a film, and a trailer.

It was the first time we were using the brand new Osmo for a wedding, and it allowed us to lead the bride down the aisle, and again back up for the ceremony. The shot was a personal favorite, and I try to use it for every wedding now. We also had 3 cameras filming in full 4K so that we could crop later in post for creative purposes, and so that we could extra photos if any of the photographers were to miss a moment. Yes, we provide that layer of insurance.

All in all, we used 6 cameras that day, including the drone, which yielded the epic shot at the closing of the film. I wish the Osmo was available for my own wedding, just a month earlier.

Another first for Lilly and David's wedding was the usage of the new 360 degree virtual reality cameras, which we shot a few minutes of. You can view this video on your mobile device to utilize the moving features.

Watch the full trailer here and enjoy:

If you have any wedding or camera tech questions, feel free to comment!



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